Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Piece of crap No. 2

So I previously posted a video of myself playing my guitar and I am going to do it again.

Why. I guess I like torture but it is an easy way to see how I progress.

Last time I wrote of how I was trying to change my style of playing, so after a couple weeks of practice I will admit, I am like a baseball player trying to learn a new swing or a hockey forward trying to learn a new shot, it's uncomfortable but I'll see if I can push thru it. According to those in the know, I will improve.

This time I tried to do a variation on a theme. In other words, come up with a melody to fit the music, expand on that melody, stay in theme. I tried to do something a little more progressive than bluesy and failed an all counts.

For what it's worth, I am going to keep with the training. I figure I should give it an honest 6 months.

This time the light is better and for those who may care, the guitar is a 91 Fender American fitted wit a 59 reissue at the neck and a Jeff Beck stacked at the bridge. Unfortunately the amp is a piece of junk Peavy Trans-Tube so you cant really hear it.

No effects were used besides the gain on the amp.

Here I am.

Some or you may have noted that I haven't written a new blog entry in some time. Well I'm back but it is with a grim posting. The tale I am about to tell is not for the weak of heart, but the evidence I present will help this tale come to light.

Let me start from the beginning.

As many of you know, I live next door to the city of Coatesville where things are flame broiled never fried.

Although the rash of arsons have stopped (more or less) tragedy still looms large in our area.

I guess you never really realize it until it happens to you.

I awoke Monday morning of this week to find this in my side yard:

Looks a little like a garden doesn't it.

Let's look at it from another angle.

Without a doubt. A garden.

Now who would perpetrate a garden on an unsuspecting family. After some soul searching I remembered this post done by another blogger let's just call him TBY.

Done reading? Good! Now if you are asking yourself "Just how can I be so sure that TBY would start a Garden of Hope West in your yard?" Let me tell you ladies and gentleman, the evidence is overwhelming.

As you can clearly see, the beast has left his mark.
I end in tears but with the will to fight on.
Dr. Zibbs, If you think even one bum YES one bum will feast on the natural goodness of this garden...........then think again.