Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Samantha Mohr

She is a Meteorologist on The Weather Channel.

The other day I was watching for storms in my area when Sam (I call her Sam) appeared doing the "describe the weather while standing in front of the satellite picture" deal as she is doing in the above picture.

The difference between the above picture and the other day is she was wearing this orange blouse thingy which was open to her belly button and when she turned to the side...............you guessed it. Total side boob action. The most I have ever seen on T.V. and that includes the corpses on Law and Order and CSI.

Now the thing I really found funny about the whole event (besides the amount of boob which was showing) was that I needed to share the experience, so I called my buddy Johnny B. He didn't answer so I called my buddy Drewcifer. No answer so I start thinking to myself "Who else would get a kick out of this?" So who was the next call to. Dr Zibbs of "That Blue Yak."

Now the Dr. was able to answer his phone but he was not around a television. Too bad but I was glad to share the experience with someone. He advised me to take a picture but I was unable to do so.

The weird thing was, even though I didn't have time to watch her stand in front of the satellite again, when they came back from commercial and she was at the desk, her blouse was still wide open. Nobody bothered to say " Hey, boob showing."

Or maybe they didn't want to.