Thursday, December 16, 2010

Random Stuff about Grade School

I went to catholic school with the same 60 some odd kids for 8 years. (9 if you went to kindergarten.)

Recently, a former schoolmate mentioned something on Facebook about St. Agnes so I decided to toss out 10 random thoughts.

I didn't spend more that 10 minutes thinking of these thoughts.

Unless you went there this may mean nothing to you. I also may be wrong about some of this. Old age you know.

Feel free to add yours.

1) Kristen played flute, Julio played trumpet and Dawn played guitar. I don't think anyone else really played a musical instrument. Maybe Hugh.

2) Lunch chips were green and milk chips were red.

3) Mr. Miller drank diet soda.

4) At some point in time, Nuria became Lisa and I missed it.

5) Almost everyone teased Mike Martin.

6) Sister John was scary!

7) Jose was the smallest guy in class. Every year.

8) I have never seen anyone with more freckles than James Wonderlich.

9) There was this thing where you could put 3 pieces of chalk in it an draw lines across the blackboard.

10) Nuns kept tissue up their sleeves.