Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It's not that I'm avoiding you.....

So I haven't blogged since my birthday......big deal.
Some would say "You're unemployed so you must have time." But that, my dear and hopefully nude reader, is not the case.

Rummaging through garbage cans for scraps, collecting cans and bottles for the deposits and getting the kids to do the "please sir, can I have some more" face for loose fries at Micky D's take up a lot of my time.

Otherwise I have been watching a lot of documentaries thanks to Some Guy's Blog. The latest was on Monty Python. Great.

Since I made fun of Some Guy's Blog and his personal demon's ("Don't mind if I do.") I have resumed working out after a ten year week off. If you read the previous post you can see the before pictures I have let myself go. Maybe I will show you the after pictures sometime around Christmas but only if you ask real nice.

I have turned down a couple of positions in radio. (That is what I used to do) I know beggars can't be choosers but the offers weren't right for the family. This doesn't mean that your friend, brother, neighbor, cousin, acquaintance in radio, public relations communications, shouldn't contact me.

I am open to all offers. (Hint hint CBS)