Friday, February 27, 2009

It's so dark in there.

Let's start with the excuses.

There are certain things that I do that I take a particular pride in the amount of time spent organizing and executing. This is not one of them.

Before I tell you my tale and show you my video I will say, the light was bad, the sound was adjusted incorrectly and I did not try to make this look or sound pro in anyway. The back ground music is over modulated and the mix is horrible.


You may have noticed that I talk about being unemployed a lot. Well If you have never been unemployed and a closet type "A" personalty like myself, then you would not understand what it is like when, since the age of 17 you have worked 14 hours a day, a minimum of 13 days every 2 weeks and at the age of 39 find yourself with no job and a lot of extra time. Eventually, you run out of things to do. (I was walking thru the house tightening up all of the knobs today. Dressers, doors, cabinets, sinks you name's tight.)

Anyway, my wife found out, after 8 years of knowing me, that I play guitar. She is encouraging me to pass the time by playing again. I have decided to take her up on it.

Now here comes the somewhat interesting part. I have mostly played the blues or things that stem heavily from the blues IE; Zeppelin, The Who, Sabbath, Clapton, Jeff Beck etc. I have decided that since I am going to play again, I am going to change my style and learn to shred or play things more in the vein of Steve Via, Joe Satriani, Yngwie Malmsteen. You may not like there music but like it or not, these guys can play.

So what I put forward today is an example of how I play currently.

I am setting a goal of one year for my ability to shred decently to start to emerge.

Once again, I know the video is crappy.


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Is it spring ????

Here is what's going on on the East side of my house.
Tulips and Crocus are pushing up like it's April.

Now I already know that besides the heat given off by the house and the reflective heat, the east side of my house gets sun all day.

My question; do I try and cover these guys again or do I just let them go? I get a ton of them when they come up and they are great at coloring the yard until my roses get blooming.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Day Dreaming

Like many here in the great Northeast I am done with winter. Groundhog or no groundhog I have had all the cold, wet and grey I can take.

Then, while working at the computer, a friend e-mails me about a job opening. (For those of you who don't know I have been unemployed since October 1st.)

I was once in radio and have been looking to continue on that front. There have been some opportunities but I no longer get that excited about possibilities because the economy is in the crapper, the radio business is in the crapper and there are a whole lotta radio people looking for fewer and fewer jobs.

Well the job opening turns out to be in the Florida Keys. Yes the Keys! Now I'm excited. Will I get it? Dunno. Do I want it? Yeah. I don't really want to move but if I have to then that's the place for me.

I spoke with the wife and she said go for it.

Now I'm keeping it positive but there are a hell of a lot of radio folks out of work in Florida so I'm not holding my breath. But still.

And for Dr. Zibbs. They even do a swap shop.

Monday, February 23, 2009

It's Alive!!!!!

Thank you for you concern and yes I am alive. After a bout with the stomach flu (or whatever it was) I helped in the battle with my wife's flu, then my oldest, then the next, then the next. It's was more vomit and poo than anyone needs.

Soon after, my brother came up from Texas, my cousin from N.C. and a few of the family from Germany for my Aunt's wedding. Good times had by all. So I have been in between my home and Philly for 5 or 6 days with rehearsals, party's and playing tour guide.

Here is a picture of me and the guys hanging at my aunt's before we ventured into the nightlife:

I am the second from the left.

So that's about it. Thanks for checking in and I will soon be reading and commenting on your blog soon.