Thursday, February 26, 2009

Is it spring ????

Here is what's going on on the East side of my house.
Tulips and Crocus are pushing up like it's April.

Now I already know that besides the heat given off by the house and the reflective heat, the east side of my house gets sun all day.

My question; do I try and cover these guys again or do I just let them go? I get a ton of them when they come up and they are great at coloring the yard until my roses get blooming.


Gwen said...

It is actually time for crocuses which are the first bloomers of the bulb plants. I think the tulips will be fine given that side of your house is so warm. Mine are doing the same thing - hyacinths, daffodils and crocuses - but aren't as far along as yours.

The lilac tree I planted last year is already turning green, too.

I am so, so, sooooo ready for Spring!

P.S. I love that you garden. It makes me feel even closer to you. Be sure to post pictures of your first blooms!

diane said...

Find some old sheets that your wife won't miss, and cover them on the cooler nights. They should be fine.
Thanks for sharing, it gives one hope. xo

LegalMist said...

I'm no good with plants, so I have no advice. But do post some photos for us when they bloom!