Friday, February 6, 2009

I'm sorry to say.....

Unfortunately I am sad to announce that today's contest has been postponed due to a lack of participation. Although there were 3 lovely, talented and sexy beyond your wildest dreams, contestants entered. 3 was not enough for the contest. We will attempt to run this contest again in the near future.

Maybe with prizes.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Random Todayness

So today is my wife's first real day out and back on her feet since she had surgery. Sure it's just a doctors appointment but it's good to see her up and around again and after about 3 months of bed rest she is happy too!

She hates this picture I took today but I don't care.

Schools were closed today and all we have to show for it was 1 inch of snow. My 7 and 2 year olds were happy about it.

My youngest boy decided it was too cold to be outside. He gets that from mommy.

That's it soon it will be nap time.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Here is an idea.

This is probably dumb and has probably been done before but.......

1) Go to a blog that follows you.

2) Then go to a blog that follows them and doesn't follow you. ( I know that's hard for you Dr. Zibbs because EVERYBODY follows you.)

3) Go to a blog that step # 2 follows. (And once again doesn't follow you.)

4) Read blog entree and write small blog about it. ( Nothing negative there is already enough of that in the world.)

5)Leave comment saying you are in a race and need them to comment on you blog about the post you wrote about their blog.

6) First one with a response wins. What? I dunno!

I say we start at noon on Friday.
You can let me know if this is just dumb or too much like homework. I'll take my meds now.

Ohh I know. The losers have to all write a glowing entree about the winners blog.

Are we scared yet?

Hi ya'll I'm from Coatesville Pa. To be more precise, I live about 5 minutes from Coatesville Pa. Where and what is Coateville Pa. Well you must not be keeping up with the news lately. Here is the latest.

Lights distributed to deter arsonists in Coatesville, Pa.
by Associated Press
Tuesday February 03, 2009, 5:28 PM

A Philadelphia suburb plagued by arsons is giving away free motion-activated lights in an effort to thwart the fire-setting.
Firefighters in Coatesville have battled 15 arsons so far in 2009, including one that gutted 15 townhouses and left more than 50 people homeless.
In response, City Hall gave special lights to about 200 residents Monday, and plan to distrubte another 800 on Thursday morning, Coatesville spokeswoman Kristin Geiger said.

Authorities in Coatesville have warned residents they must clear porches of flammable materials. A trash task force is slated to help residents clean up on Wednesday.
The city has also banned parking on more than a dozen streets to improve emergency access.

That's right 15. That doesn't include the fires now being set in neighboring communities like mine.

Now my house is mostly stone but I have taken in and down everything that I can that is flammable.

Other than that, it's a great place to live.

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Let's start the new month with (as the kids would say) some shout outs!!!

Congratulations to the smart, funny, sexy, capable, loyal, genuine, imaginative, and adventurous Gwen at Everything I like Causes Cancer.

Congratulazioni to the great at picking up chicks (when he was single), really honest, creative, great multi-tasker Dr. Zibbs at That Blue Yak.

Gratulacje to the in love with her husband, knows how to pole dance, not ready for kids Tova Darling at Secret Life of Tova Darling.

Gratulationer to the lawyer who works too much but not enough, lets me be the judge of that, mad skills at picking football games LegalMist at LegalMist.

поздравления to the Wealth of Knowledge and Experience, obviously obsessed with this cloche thing, 30 year old photo Diane at cooking blind.

They are the first 5 followers to this here blog and have written their names in history. To them I will soon package and ship prizes and adornments that will shock, amaze and boggle the mind.*

And to those lucky 5 I say Thank you.
*There are no guarantees expressed or intended that you will actually be shocked, amazed or boggled.