Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Great!!! Thanks!!!!

So here is another place I can't go!

Teams of heavily armed gunmen stormed luxury hotels, a popular restaurant and a crowded train station in coordinated attacks across India's financial capital Wednesday night, killing at least 78 people and taking Westerners hostage, police said. A group of suspected Muslim militants claimed responsibility.

An explosion followed by a raging fire struck one of the hotels, the landmark Taj Mahal, early Thursday. Screams could be heard and enormous clouds of black smoke rose from the at the century-old edifice on Mumbai's waterfront. Firefighters were spraying water at the blaze. The attackers specifically targeted Britons and Americans, witnesses said. Fires burned and gunfire was heard for hours. Officials said at least 200 people were wounded.

Sons of bitches! Look, I ain't passing over the loss and injury to life or the lives that have been changed because of this horrible incident but.....I planned on doing some travel when my kids get older and this self-righteous sons of bitches aren't leaving many options.

On the brighter side,

President-elect Barack Obama pledged on Wednesday to have an economic plan ready for action to deal with the nation's financial crisis on his first day in office. "Help is on the way," he declared.

Good. Help. I need someone to move all this furniture out of my living room soon because I know my wife will want that tree any day now.

Hell of a place

No time to blog today or for the next couple. Not that I've done alot anyway. So for you hungry little monkeys........

I give you Turkey. An entire nation, bonded together, by the crispy goodness of a bird.

If I ever win the lottery, I am going to by Turkey and rename it Chicken. That will make them happy.

Monday, November 24, 2008


Monty Python's Flying Circus cracks me up. Still. I remember stumbling across it when I was like 13 or 14. Here's the story. I used to take some of my mom's smoke and do a few hits after she went to bed. Then, I would watch late night T.V. This was still in the day of 4 mainstream channels (ABC, NBC, CBS and PBS) and whatever we could pick-up on UHF. The Million Dollar Movie, Late Late shows and Carson. I loved Carson. The show moved in slow motion so I think I got his subtleties. I think that's why I get Carson and most of my friends don't. Sure, they were getting high like me. They just weren't watching Carson. Anyway, one night, I turned on PBS and there were these guys slapping each other with fish. One little man, bouncing up and down with 2 fish in his hands criss-crossing and slapping another, larger man in the face. When this stops, the larger man, takes out a big-ass fish and slaps the little man who proceeds to fall into a near-by river. I probably didn't have to bore you with the sketch (especially if you are familiar with it) but I'm laughing now just thinking about it.

So why the diatribe about Python. First- BBC America is showing it again so I can get it on Comcast's On Demand whenever I want to watch, Secondly, it's because I am starting this blog. The way I see it, there are few original Ideas. There are definite innovators of ideas, but few originals. It's like this, the original idea grew into a tree, dropped some acorns, and sprouted some other ideas, some so much like the first tree that the first tree is thought of as best. Some, retaining the great qualities of the first tree but branching out to something spectacular in there own right. That's what I'm wondering about this blog. Will it have anything interesting to say or will it just be another part of the damn Internet.

I guess we will have to see.