Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Great!!! Thanks!!!!

So here is another place I can't go!

Teams of heavily armed gunmen stormed luxury hotels, a popular restaurant and a crowded train station in coordinated attacks across India's financial capital Wednesday night, killing at least 78 people and taking Westerners hostage, police said. A group of suspected Muslim militants claimed responsibility.

An explosion followed by a raging fire struck one of the hotels, the landmark Taj Mahal, early Thursday. Screams could be heard and enormous clouds of black smoke rose from the at the century-old edifice on Mumbai's waterfront. Firefighters were spraying water at the blaze. The attackers specifically targeted Britons and Americans, witnesses said. Fires burned and gunfire was heard for hours. Officials said at least 200 people were wounded.

Sons of bitches! Look, I ain't passing over the loss and injury to life or the lives that have been changed because of this horrible incident but.....I planned on doing some travel when my kids get older and this self-righteous sons of bitches aren't leaving many options.

On the brighter side,

President-elect Barack Obama pledged on Wednesday to have an economic plan ready for action to deal with the nation's financial crisis on his first day in office. "Help is on the way," he declared.

Good. Help. I need someone to move all this furniture out of my living room soon because I know my wife will want that tree any day now.

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