Saturday, October 16, 2010

Piece of Crap # What????

O.K. so I did it again.

I went and made another guitar playing video although this time it's different.
I'll get to that but first, let's get some of necessaries out of the way.

I started recording myself because I was bored with the way I played and wanted to change and add to my technique. My playing may seem similar to the previous videos but there really has been a difference.

Second, The song is simple because it's best to start simple so I won't really say I wrote it. It's a pretty common riff.

Third, I played all the parts. No! Seriously, I did. When I finally had the realization that the recording software I had, My computer and my ability to "hook shit up" could make a better video I did it.

This should explain the sound quality but I assure you I am playing the drums, bass and guitar.

I did rip off the drum lick though.
It's the drum lick from Van Halen's"Little Guitars" off of their album Diver Down.