Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Here is an idea.

This is probably dumb and has probably been done before but.......

1) Go to a blog that follows you.

2) Then go to a blog that follows them and doesn't follow you. ( I know that's hard for you Dr. Zibbs because EVERYBODY follows you.)

3) Go to a blog that step # 2 follows. (And once again doesn't follow you.)

4) Read blog entree and write small blog about it. ( Nothing negative there is already enough of that in the world.)

5)Leave comment saying you are in a race and need them to comment on you blog about the post you wrote about their blog.

6) First one with a response wins. What? I dunno!

I say we start at noon on Friday.
You can let me know if this is just dumb or too much like homework. I'll take my meds now.

Ohh I know. The losers have to all write a glowing entree about the winners blog.


dizzy mom said...

Noon on Friday? Which time zone? I don't wanna lose because Im in the wrong time zone. Damn, I am competitive! Sorry :)

Son of a Thomas said...

Eastern unless more participants are in another zone.

Gwen said...

I'll do it!

diane said...

Post-menopausal memory, I'll try to remember.

Son of a Thomas said...

Anyone else want in. I think we should have at least 5 bloggers in on this and I can't play since I have designated myself as the offical time checker.

dizzy mom said...

I'll be there...or here. I'll set my mental alarm for 9am.

jadedj said...

No offense...good idea, but this makes my brain hurt. It did get my attention though.