Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Day Dreaming

Like many here in the great Northeast I am done with winter. Groundhog or no groundhog I have had all the cold, wet and grey I can take.

Then, while working at the computer, a friend e-mails me about a job opening. (For those of you who don't know I have been unemployed since October 1st.)

I was once in radio and have been looking to continue on that front. There have been some opportunities but I no longer get that excited about possibilities because the economy is in the crapper, the radio business is in the crapper and there are a whole lotta radio people looking for fewer and fewer jobs.

Well the job opening turns out to be in the Florida Keys. Yes the Keys! Now I'm excited. Will I get it? Dunno. Do I want it? Yeah. I don't really want to move but if I have to then that's the place for me.

I spoke with the wife and she said go for it.

Now I'm keeping it positive but there are a hell of a lot of radio folks out of work in Florida so I'm not holding my breath. But still.

And for Dr. Zibbs. They even do a swap shop.


Dr Zibbs said...

They might have a Swap Shop but they don't have a Ron.

I was listening to it today. Hysterical. Yesterday he said Ben Stiller on the Oscars was acting like a "retard". I almost drove off the road.

diane said...

I have a lot of family in Florida, but none that far south. I hope you get the job. Good luck.

Gwen said...

Dude, that would be so suh-weet! I'm thinking good thoughts.

Some Guy said...

Best of luck! I was in the Keys once and thought the were pretty cool.