Saturday, December 6, 2008

Holiday lights

As you can see I am not talking about the lights you use to decorate. It was the second snow of the season tonight and it turns out to be what I call "real snow". It's real snow because it sticks to the paved surfaces as well as the yards, rooftops and cars. While tonight's snow is minimal and I guess unexpected (I don't watch the weather) I am sure the line of cars in front of my house comes from one thing. Moron drivers. For some reason people in the North East where I live, will never learn to drive in any weather event. Ever. It is like a brand new experience for them each and every year and "HOLY S***" (WHAM) "How'd that happen?" repeats the cycle.
There must have been and accident on the highway and everyone is being routed past my house. And I bet a bunch of there poor bastards were on their way to the mall to shop.

Oh well. The circle of life continues.

At least they get to see my 8ft Santa.

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