Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It's Alive!!!!

Well....not yet but it is back together.

This is my 1975 Honda cb750 K-5 although it also has parts from a Super Sport and a Honda 500.

I did a minor rebuild on the engine and painted it myself. You can't tell from the pictures but the paint is not that great. But for a first time it is a great way to learn.

Now I just have to adjust the carbs and set the timing and Va-Rooooom. I'll be speeding to an unemployment office near you.


Dr Zibbs said...

When are you going to pick me up so I can ride bitch?

Actually there is a CC happy hour tomorrow at Spence Cafe at 6? Wanna go? Email me if so.

diane said...

I love how you customized it with that detachable kid ornament.

LegalMist said...

Nice job! I hope it runs well for you!

Lostinspace said...

Aye, that's a fine motorbike!

Kristen said...

When can you come out and fix my bike? Any paint job would be better then blue and silver...as long as it's black I mean.