Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mc the Man part 1

This is part one of the interview because at 11 minutes long, it wouldn't load.

It was my pleasure to interview Ed McMahon last year about one month before his monetary issues really became public.

He had just released his book "When T.V. was Young."
Here is the story:
I called his publicist and we scheduled the interview for 3 weeks from our conversation.
When the day came I called the phone number and it turns out to be his home phone. Yes, I have Ed's home number. ( I also have Clive Barker's, Richard Kiel's and Robbie Benson's)
Low and behold, his "House Boy" answers and tells me the interview is not for this day but another and the McMahon's were getting ready to entertain for dinner. I disagree and asked him to check and see if Mr. McMahon could do the interview. Sure enough, Ed was available.

Hosting with me is 1520 WCHE morning host J.T. Morgan. He is a huge fan of Carson.

J.T. and I talked to Ed about his early career, the start of t.v. in Philly and what it means to be an Icon.


Kate said...

I'll have to come back to listen, off to work now..

Dr Zibbs said...

I will check this out once I get my computer back from being fixed.

Gwen said...

Very cool, man!