Monday, October 26, 2009

What???? Why????

So I am reading the news tonight at and this is the headline that grabs my eye:

DENVER, Oct. 26, 2009
Blind Man Adopts Son He'd Been Looking For
Blind Boy Spent 5 Isolated Years in Indian Orphanage Before Denver Couple Gave Him a Home

I guess they did their job because I noticed the headline but come on. Was this really necessary.

I didn't read the rest of the story out of spite.


Dr Zibbs said...

..and that man's name was Son of a Thomas.

diane said...

I take offense at "Indian" Orphanage.

Laszlo Brown said...

"Looking for" was poor choice of words, but do you think it was on purpose?

Gwen said...

Okay, so I've come back to this post like three times and I still don't get it. I'm blaming the sinus meds.