Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Now I am fully confused.

So how's the job hunt going? Bizarre. Completely bizarre. I would have never expected job hunting to be so tough and frustrating but it is and now it's just plain weird.

You want an ya go. One month ago I found a job posting about a broadcasting job in Virgina.

The job announcement headline stated "Seeking Host with News & Sports Experience for Mornings"

and I thought to my self this seems interesting read on.

The body of the of the announcement states " Our idea candidate is experienced at delivering news, information and local content."

And now I say to myself "I have done exactly that, this may be the job for me."

Further more, the announcement stated "Individuals with News/Talk experience strongly encouraged to apply. EOE"

Holy Crap that's me, that's exactly me. So I went about sending my resume, cover letter, picture (don't ask, but many broadcast employers want a photo) and necessary links to my web pages etc.

About a week goes by and I hear nothing but the job is posted again. I reapply.

2 more weeks go by and I hear nothing and the job is posted again and this time I'm like WTF.

Now in situations like this, the majority of broadcasters wanted ads clearly state "DO NOT CALL". This particular ad did not state that directive but I wondered if I should be so bold.

I decided against it but did the next best thing. I emailed the party who was in charge of hiring. We will call her "Lady DI." In my e-mail I let her know that I was curious about the status of my resume and what may or may not have sparked her interest.

I left her with my contact info once again.

She called me a half an hour later. This is a brief part of our conversation.

Lady Di: Your resume said you wrote and announced news by conducting interviews, gathering police reports, press releases, the Associated press wire and breaking news coverage.

Me: That is correct.

Lady Di: Well that seems pretty small market.

Me: How do you expect the news to be gathered?

Lady Di: Well, The AP wire and we have several LARGE news papers in this area.

Me: So you want me to report other peoples news?

The conversation gets better.

Lady Di: You sent me a link to you web site where you had done a bunch of interviews. That did nothing for me.

Me: Your ad said you wanted someone with talk show experience. The web site is a sample of my talk show.

Lady Di: We won't be doing interviews.

Me: I also sent you a link to my opinion and caller interactive material.

Lady Di: I don't plan on having a lot of that on this show.

Me: Then I don't believe I understood your ad. You requested someone with news and talk experience but you won't be using any of those talents in your morning show?

Lady Di: No. I am kinda creating this position and I need someone who can flow seamlessly from music to news.

Me: Be honest, did you just think my stuff sucked and you want to let me down easy?

Lady Di: No you are very good I just don't think you fit what I am looking for.

Me: So 15 years News and Talk experience doesn't fit what you are looking for. I will have to re-read your ad.

And there you have it. I wish I could say I embellished the story or wrote it in a way to make my self seem like the wiser yet victimised character in this little life play but after 15 years of News/Talk, I am pretty good a remembering conversations and their content.

I guess Virginia will never know.


Anonymous said...

Yowza! I think it was the picture. Some people are threatened by big beautiful bald-headed men.

So they are going to have a radio talk show without talk? without interviews? and without news? Nice. You sure they aren't related to that company that bought WCOJ?

Some Guy said...

I feel for you. That has got to be frustrating as hell.

Gwen said...

You're overqualified, she just wouldn't admit or say it. I'm so sorry it's been this frustrating.

When I win the lottery, I'm buying you a radio station. And skittles.