Tuesday, December 9, 2008

No S*** he's the bad guy

I let my kids watch "The Lion King" at lunch today. I like the movie but I realized something.

Recognise this guy. Yeah it's Scar, The Lion king's brother.

He does all the bad stuff in the Movie. No S***! His freaking name is Scar! Who in the hell names there kid Scar then expects more that a dastardly villain.

Nobody else saw it coming either. Morons.


Gwen said...

Yeah! If he'd been named "Scarf" I'd have been way more surprised.

Dr Zibbs said...

When are you going to write some posts?

matt said...

in the books, scar was originally named taka, but he got a scar from a buffalo, and asked to be called scar from then on

Anonymous said...

no scar go his scar from his mother they were fighting and she scrached him ocrosed the face.