Monday, March 2, 2009

O.K I'm Stupid.

So we get about 7 inches of snow around here and I am out shoveling when my mail man arrives.

We exchange pleasantries and before he leaves he says "Anything going out today?" I respond in the negative and that's when I realize that I have not yet sent out the prizes to the first 5 subscribers to my blog.

I promise to do it this week.

In other randomness, here is my dog Montana.

Yes he is an American Staffordshire Terrier with a hint of Bulldog. He is obedient but not very well mannered. It's like living with a frat boy.
He is 85lbs and a little over 1 year old. The person he listens to most is my 2 year old daughter. Go figure.


dizzy mom said...

Ha! Ha! That's what happens when I'm not in the top five. Dizzy Karma baby...

LegalMist said...

Beautiful dog.

My dog likes (and listens to) my kids better than me, too.

diane said...

Look at those soulful eyes! He's a spoiler. We are currently without dog, but when we had one, I was the only person he'd listen to. He bit everybody else. Good thing he was little. xo

Gwen said...

He's gorgeous.

I used to make frat boys sit on towels, too. You never know what's going to ooze off of them.