Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tiki God gives good luck to all who worship!

Check out this bad boy. I found him in a dry river bed in Afton NY. Me and my oldest strolling along and there he was staring at me. I wish my camera wasn't so crappy. You would then be able to see the contrast in the stone.

Still unemployed so I decided it was time to open the pond I built last year.
After pulling some leaves and adding fresh water ta-da.
A job well done. Stay tuned, I may have something interesting to say tomorrow.


Dr Zibbs said...

That rock is screaming for a caption.

Gwen said...

Dear Tiki God:

You are very handsome and powerful. I worship at the feet of your awesomeness. Now bring me some good luck. KTHXBAI.


diane said...

Mrs. Potato head called, she said she's been up all night calling police stations and hospitals.

Nice pond, cute kid. xo

dizzy mom said...! Is that a fountain or frigging Old Faithful? That is huge! Bet ya never heard that before :)

Kristen said...

WTF? I come back to catch up on your post and there are only five. Aww...look it's my old neglected blog world alias: dizzy. And look at the date... MARCH! You're lucky I'm a sucker for motorcycles and guitars...