Monday, March 9, 2009

Welcome to garden club.

So I haven't blogged much lately because we have had temperatures in the upper 60's and I have to get outdoors.
In a previous post we talked about my daffodils coming up early. Well here they are now.

I also moved 9 rose bushes. Long story short, my wife runs a dog rescue; Helping The Helpless, and because I am giving up another portion of my back yard, I had to move them. I hope at least 7 survive.

These are some of them since they have been clipped.

For those of you who are rose gardeners, it is a popular belief that roses get pruned in the fall before they go dormant. I do not adhere to that belief. Since rose are non-fruit bearing and pruning promotes growth, I find it best to leave the roses at length in the fall and prune in the spring. I have only been using this method for 4 years but it has not failed to reward me yet.

*Note: I pruned these roses earlier than I usually would due to the warm weather to help promote root growth. I wouldn't recommend pruning to much before Mother's Day.

Besides the flowers, My youngest son/middle child Elias

and I started our garden

I let him pick all the seeds so this year we will have Tomatoes, Cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, yellow squash, Zucchini, Broccoli, Yellow and Red peppers and Water melon. My surprise for them is that I planted pumpkins again for fall carving.

Besides all that, my neighbor Jon was throwing away his boy's Power Wheels toys. He said they may not work and he was correct. But with a brand new 12 gauge wiring harness and a couple of 12 volt car batteries, my kids will soon have the quickest Ford F-150 and Barbie Jeep around. And they make a nice addition to the playground.

Complete side note, Diane I can no longer go to Cooking Blind........anybody else having an issue??????


LegalMist said...

Wow, you are quite a gardener. We used to grow tomatoes and basil and peppers -- the easy stuff -- but I haven't even tried lately.

You've inspired me, though; I may have to try again soon!

mich said...

I love your yard life, we don't have one yet. Well, we have one, but it's still cold up here, and we will get to all of that yard stuff later. Should we be doing seeds in pots indoors?
Your son is cute.
So, I've been really sick, and I thought I was losing followers because I was ignoring my page. My url is Please try again, and thanks so much for letting me know. xo

diane said...

Crap! That message from Mich is actually from me. I don't know why my hubbie's account keeps popping up, he never uses the d*mn thing. Sorry. xo d

Gwen said...

You are absolutely right about pruning your roses - it should NOT be done in the fall but rather in the spring after the first bloom. (I don't think it will hurt that you did it a little early.)

I think about you now every time I step outside to check the spring progress, which is every hour if I'm at home. (Antsy much?)

I intend to do a post just as soon as everything blooms - the hyacinths and daffodils are mere days from busting out and the lilac bush and new roses I put in last year are doing great!