Thursday, January 29, 2009

To old for this .

First I would love to steal the words of the great Dr. Zibbs and congratulate all 3 of you good people who have subscribed to this blog. I hope these words console you in your times of disappointment which will happen because you are now following this blog.
And in conjunction with this congratulatory announcement, I will soon announce that the first 5 subscribers will be receiving a special (and certainly not from the back of my closet) prize.

Now on to bigger and different things.
I just got into a fight.

Well let me re-phrase that.......I just dented the hood of my Jeep with another individual.

I feel weird and can't stop thinking "What the hell, I'm not 17!!!!!!"

So here ya go:

It's a little past 8:30 EST and I'm taking my daily trip to the local mini-mart. I look forward to this trip because being unemployed, it's one of the few reasons I have to get out of the house.
Not many cars were in the parking lot so I got to park relatively close to the door. There is a man standing if front smoking. Not uncommon but less common when there isn't a line of cars in front of the store. When I step out of my Jeep, the man makes a bee line and steps into my path before I am past my front bumper.

(I will admit her that all of my sensors are at full tilt.)

Man: Where you going?

Me: (Dumbest answer I've ever given) Into the store.

Man: You got time to gib (Yes GIB) me a ride somewhere.

Me: Nah man, ain't got no time.

(I usually don't speak in an urban vernacular and when I do it's really, really bad. I start to walk past him on his right but he kind of steps in front of me so we both kinda turn and now I am almost facing the front of my Jeep.)

Whiny pleading Man: Come on Man.

Me : Nah.

So I walk into the store. The guys in there tell me they told him to leave the store because he was acting inappropriate. I asked them why don't they call the police and have him nudged off the property. They all shrugged.

So I make my purchase and head for the Jeep. As I walk out of one of the two glass doors I noticed "Man" was back to his original smoking position. Sensors are still on full but I proceed to my vehicle. Three steps into my walk back to the Jeep I get grabbed on the back of my sweatshirt and It's like I'm being pushed forward. I don't push so easily.

Here is where I skip the bull****.

I don't know what this guys problem was.
I have made assumptions on what new medical issues he may be suffering currently but here is the weird part that makes me kind of uncomfortable.

I get in my car and my cell phone rings. It's my wife. She asks if I can pick up 2 of those strawberry crunch covered ice cream things she likes. I say yeah and get out of my Jeep, walk past the "Man", go back to the store and purchase said ice cream . I come out and he is still in a submissive position. I get in my car and drive away.

I can't quite wrap my head around how I feel right now except "What the Fuck!"


Tova Darling said...

Ahh! That's really scary!

Gwen said...

Well, I can't say I blame you. You have been under intense pressure for an extended period of time and the guy badgered and then pushed you. That said, I think the encounter was supposed to shake you up. Learn from it. XOXOX

Dr Zibbs said...

Maybe he was one of the Coatesville Arsonists. Yeah.

diane said...

He's a grown man, forget him. We tend to dwell on things too much when we feel victimized; like we had anything to do with it.
How's the talking in the third person thing working for you? It's kind of like getting advice from Queen Victoria or something.

ps You and Zibbs need to work on your self esteem, man, seriously.